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Medicaid Eligibility Screening

Insurance Agent

In 2017, while 815,529 Kansans had public insurance coverage, 243,305 Kansans remained uninsured.  40,815 of those individuals were children between the ages of 0 – 18 and 201,275 were ages 9-64. 


Of that uninsured population, 33,237 are currently eligible for Medicaid/CHIP. 


More outreach with new strategies and support is needed to reach this group and transition them to public coverage.

We are assuming responsibility to use our resources to screen this population for eligibility and help them get approved for their appropriate benefits. This will lead to lower health care bills on the part of the patients and less loss in operational revenue for medical centers. Get pre-screened here!

What We Can Do:


Medicaid Eligibility Screening

Getting Approved can be hard if you are unsure of how to navigate the system. Let us meet you, where YOU are to simplify the process and get you the care you need, without the large bill afterwards. 


Outreach and Advocacy

Compass does outreach and intake at partnered medical centers. We advocate, using our extensive knowledge of Medicaid programs for the best resolution to your medical insurance needs. Learn about our current Partners here. 


Compassionate Resolution for those who are ineligible

Screened and found to be ineligible? We may be able to help further. Compass will assist in using your screening information to complete Financial Assistance Applications to the necessary providers. If the parent company is a partner of Haase + Long, even more options are available to you!