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Finding Direction

We do exactly what our name says. A Compass has always been used as a tool to help guide you to where you need to be. Let us guide you down the path you need to be on in order to live the fullest life you can. Now more than ever, it has become hard for many people to maintain the balance between healthcare, housing, nourishing food and other basic needs that day to day life requires. Asking for help and hunting down resources can be a challenge in and of itself. Instead of stressing over what your options are and how to begin, Let your first step be with us and lets find out where you need to go, together.

Our Story

A Compass Project grew out of a recognized need by Haase + Long and Heartland Community Health Center to identify, perform outreach to, and help those in need apply for their proper level of health insurance using all possible avenues. Navigating the healthcare system can be a bit tricky for those who don't have the knowledge already. That's where Compass can help! 


Our Mission is to bring medical resources to people in need in the institutions they already patronize, reducing costs for both patients and the clinics/ hospitals. 

Our Partners

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